IT Architecture that makes you feel free

Technology which eases your work
Solid Integration and Open Standards
The right Solution - not just some product


Our goal is to make Technology transparent for you. Technology should be simple, and ease work - not the other way round. Clear, not unnecesarily complicated. For everyone in your Business. Open standards help with this since decades - but rarely they are being enforced consequently - where possible.

We are your personal, competent partner - without product strategies in the back of our mind. We create solutions with you, not just for you. We look forward to receiving your inquiries, however complex they might seem - thats' our business, thats what we enjoy!




Optimal results come from understanding the Vision and Interests of your Enterprise - and it's People


Reference Implementations, Specifications, Documentation and APIs


Security by design, PKI- Infrastructures, Certificate- and Key Management



Don't just jump into something just because someone tells you it's a good thing. Think. Analyze. Get your teams together!


Put the right solution for the job in place. Clever, expandable, future-proof. Fine- tuned for your needs.


With an intelligent analysis, design and implementation, all your business parts will enjoy improvement and success. We are looking forward to hear it!


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Lead Solution Architecture Cryptography


Architectural Planning of a Business- and Worldwide Key- and Certificate Management System

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Systems & Solutions Architecture

Public Sector

Architectural Planning and Reference Implementations of PKI, Client- Certificate Management, IAM / LDAP Integration

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Infrastructure & Solutions Architecture

Banking & Automotive

Architectural Planning and Reference Implementation of E-Mobility Systems with Germany's largest Car Manufacturer. ISO-15118 - Consulting and related PKI- Structuring

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Mobile Application Solution Architecture


Architectural Planning and Implementation Lead. Monitoring and Logging over Multi- Datacenter - Sites


Strategic Consulting

Everybody in an organisation, as well as every process - whether in SME's or big Governmental Organisations - is important and plays a role.

Often, and especially in larger organisations or distributed companies, decisions are made, processes are being run, without full knowledge of the processes, issues, and ideas in all the parts of the business. Most of the time this is due to lack of time, and also too much involvement in the own environment.

What is required is a fresh, independent view, an understanding of the people, issues, ideas and requirements. And, you guessed right, this is what we do.

Understanding an organisations vision and interests is vital for us. We listen, connect, and interact with our clients, to ensure their plans and projects go hand in hand with the environment.

System & Solution- Architecture

Architecture must be based not only on theory, but also on experience.

With decades of experience with different systems, tools and interfaces, we can not only provide consulting services and create architectures in many different areas, but also perform reference implementations for or with your team.

Of course, specifications and documentation are not neglected. Due to our extensive experience abroad, documentation in German and English are done on a professional level.

Security & Cryptography

Security, data protection and cryptography is a must - it is an essential part of secure and stable IT systems.

With SaaS, "home office" and cloud services, cryptography is becoming more important, especially in regards to identity management and encryption.

Due to our decades of experience, security and cryptographic support are not only easy to handle for us, we also bring them into every project and create awareness for these.

Lead Architecture for the introduction of a certificate management system at world- leading banks and reference implementations of PKI services with client validations speak for our expertise.



We're a location independent Company. Consulting takes place at your premises, and/or remotely. Should you wish to leave us a postcard - welcome!

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